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Note (8/18/2000): This product is replaced by the most powerful formulas ViaGrowth-II, -III or -IV in the existing products of the market.

Product Name: Real DHEA (Men & Womem), discontinued, sorry!

Ingredients: (Updated 4/13/1999)
New Formula - 25-mg DHEA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract.
Note: The old formula, with Quebracho Bark, Mulra Puama Root, Kava Kava Root, Saw Palmetto Berries, Pygeum Bark, Avena Sativa Straw, Nettle Leaf, Damiana, has been upgraded with the ingredients of Estroven and Male Power, becoming a new product named as XReal DHEA (ExtraReal DHEA) or ViaGrowth-II, as a part of our "ViaGrowth" natural hormone enhancer series. This product will be released in April.

Recharging men's sexual battery (Kidney Chi), lubricating the joints and low back, increasing sexual hormone production, and waking up sexual nerves.
Recommended age: after 35

Other herbs to enhance its effects:
==> For Men and Women: American Ginseng with B-12,Paragon, PeniSOS, and Estroven.
Action: It is a complete care of the sex organs for both sexes - enhancing the production of the testosterone, bioelectricity, and Chi, maintaining a good blood circulation and thinning the blood, protecting the prostate gland, calming the liver, heart and brain, and assisting the body to balance the testosterone and estrogen levels for the best performance of an aging life.

For the best result, take it with American Ginsend/B-12 and PeniSOS toegther, or rotate your supplements every day, depending on individual need. Optimal dosage produces the best result and $ave $$$!. If the prostate nerve is too activative, take Estroven with this product.
Women are encouraged to take this product with PeniSOS and Estroven, Rotating the supplements every daily for long-term health enhancement.

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