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My Grandmom's wisdom: " Eating animal brains will make you smarter; eating animals reproductive organs will grow your sex organs; eating animal hearts will strengthen your heart; eating animal kidneys/adrenal adrenals will promote your kidney and adrenal functions....... 

She has been the greatest woman in my mind. Although she was illiterate, her wisdom has influenced my discovery of the rejuvenation of health and sex.  She died at age of 87  in 1989.  When I was a kid, she fed me with these foods that can help promote my growth (for more precisely, my penile growth!).  What she told me is, animal brains are rich in the brain's neurotransmitters, such as Acetylcholine, Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA, Histimane and so so, and the brains' hormones that drive the entire body function, cell renewal and growth; animal testicles and penises rich in androstenedoine,  testosterone,  DHT and DHEA (due to the dense hormone receptors); animal ovaries and uteruses rich in progesterone and estrogen (due to the dense hormone receptors.); adrenal glands rich in DHEA, androstenedione, and testosterone; ......... 

After all, I have loved fish heads, lobster heads,... and so on, since I was a kid.  My nick name is "the Big Head Cat" who loves fish heads so much.  I have realized that every time after I eat 2 or 3 lobsters or salmon heads, my erection become much harder and last much longer, as twice the usual condition.  This happens more pronounced after I have passed my midlife. Gradually, I have realized that the hard erection and lasting longer are driven by the brain and nervous functions. This leads to discover how important the brain's nutrition and neurotransmitters are for powering the erection and growing the penis.

Finally, I realize my grandmom wisdom. This is our product ViaGrowth-IV  (the replacement of the thousand-year-old Chinese Emperor/Empress formula) is all about, but it contains no animal glandular or parts! Thanks to the modern advancement and research of biochemistry and cellular biology.  Special thanks to the scientists and researchers in these fields for the hard works in the past 200 years. Their discovery of neurotransmitters and hormones allow me to formulate ViaGrowth-IV without killing an animal. Of course,  millions of laboratory animals have paid the price for the scientific discoveries.  I would like to take this opportunity to pray these animal souls for their happiness in the heaven with the GOD. 


Furthermore, my grandmom's wisdom has led me to study  the books "Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine" and  "Suu-Nui Ching - the Sexual Bible of the Plain Girl", about 3000 B.C.,  the modern biochemical analyses of the thousand-year-old Chinese Emperor/Empress Formula, and the advancement of the modern biomedical engineering, Thus, we have been able to uncover the secret of rejuvenating body functions for love and health. Now, I would like to share my discovery with you!

Hope You enjoy Love and Health with us.

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